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You are not a bad parent.


As a mother of an autistic child I know exactly how it feels to have your relatives give you that 'look',

when your child isn't behaving as they expect. Since our daughter wasn't diagnosed until 2nd grade we didn't know what was happening or why she behaved the way she did. We tried everything, read a lot of parenting books and listened to a lot of well meaning people who had no idea what we had to deal with.

Even after we received a medical diagnosis from one of the best behavioral clinics in the country there were still some family members who just thought we needed a different style of parenting to get her to behave.

Our struggle to get a correct diagnosis and find treatments and therapies that worked for our dear daughter is part of the reason I think our searchable database is so important to families.

Word of mouth is not an effective way to find treatments.

Since every child is different what works for someone else may not work for you.

As a parent you need information to make the best choices. That is what we provide here - information.

Here is a look at what we provide:


If you are looking for books to read to help you better understand your child or autism check out our book list. All of them have been read and recommended by other parents with children on the spectrum.

First 100 Days - Registered Members Only (free)

Perfect for parents who have only just gotten the diagnosis - it is filled with helpful information

National Resources

A list of the largest national organizations that are available. Many spend a lot of time and money in research, awareness and building a network of support groups for families

Provider Database - Registered Members Only (free)

This is our searchable database with over 800 providers nationwide and continues to grow.

Providers can not pay to get listed on the site. All providers currently listed are there because they showed up in a Google search or were on an autism themed website as being a recommended provider. As this site grows we will be adding new providers as they are submitted by you - our members.

Web Resources

This section is a searchable database of regional support organizations by state. Many of these organizations have local support groups as well as information specific to that state.

Join our growing community of families with autistic children.

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National Web Resources

National Web Resources

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